Card Brand Complexities? Get Simple, Get Started!

“In today’s shifting political, economic and cultural landscapes, people around the world are prioritizing simplicity.”

-2018 Global Brand Simplicity Index

If you’ve ever felt the relief that comes with decluttering a closet or a garage, you’re probably a person who values simplicity. A sense of peace can be achieved by streamlining and simplifying. That’s why simplicity is one of the key tenets of Discover® Debit.

Your life is complicated enough. Your signature debit card program shouldn’t be.

Unfortunately, most issuers with a legacy network provider are buried under an avalanche of paper each month when their billing statement arrives. Bills can stretch to dozens of pages, especially when an institution has a debit and credit card program from the same provider. This can make it almost impossible to accurately calculate what you’re paying in fees for each program individually, or to get a clear picture of what you’re earning after those fees are paid.

We’ve heard directly from issuers that it’s common for these lengthy bills to get parsed out to multiple departments for reconciliation. As a result, many financial institutions have difficulty calculating even fundamental metrics such as true net interchange. And, as you well know, this is essential for determining your debit program’s success and trajectory.

“Simply understanding the bill was nearly impossible,” said Erin Lyddane, Senior Vice President with Old Line Bank, a 37-branch bank headquartered in Bowie, Md.

Discover Debit offers transparent billing, replacing unnecessary and time-consuming complexities with an uncomplicated all-in fee structure. The result is a clear and concise statement, free from the added fees you typically see from legacy providers. Discover Debit issuers typically spend only minutes, not days, reconciling their bills.

“Our bill is typically two or three pages, where previously it was 17 pages,” said James W. Cornelsen, President and CEO of Old Line Bank, which decided to make the switch to Discover Debit after evaluating the program’s cost savings, as well as the benefits of greater simplicity. “It took the better part of eight working hours for somebody on our operations side to decipher it, test it and put it on the books. We think that's a great savings with Discover Debit and lowers frustration levels within our departments.”

Financial institutions interested in comparing their billing statement to a typical invoice from Discover Debit can check out this sample Discover Debit invoice. Some of the unique features include:

  • A typical Discover Debit invoice is only one page, front and back.
  • Fees are billed through PULSE and can easily be delivered as a .csv file.
  • An all-in program fee structure can deliver a steady economic advantage, along with a number of benefits to you and your cardholders, including a dedicated Account Executive for the life of the program and a Marketing Consultant to help train front-line employees.
  • If other general fees are charged, they typically pertain to disputes and chargeback processing.

Why does Discover Debit approach things this way? We believe that we are only successful when you’re successful. And we’ve been delighted to see that simplicity is catching on.

According to the 2018 Global Brand Simplicity Index from consulting firm Siegel+Gale, which surveyed 15,000 people around the world, brands that deliver simple experiences are more likely to benefit from positive word-of-mouth. It turns out simplicity inspires deeper trust and strengthens loyalty.

Speaking to Transform magazine, Liana Dinghile, Siegel+Gale’s Executive Strategy and Development Director said, “People prefer and reward companies who deliver transparent, simple experiences that make their lives easier.”


See for yourself why Discover Debit issuers seem so relaxed as they get ready to close the books on 2018.




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