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Five Places Signature Debit Card Program Fees May be Hiding

Think you know what you’re paying for your legacy signature debit program? 

Chances are you’ve only seen part of the picture.  It’s common practice for fees from your legacy signature debit network to be located in multiple places, making it challenging for issuers to find and review all of their charges.  If you haven’t looked at your signature debit program recently, it’s worth your time to locate all the elements that constitute your bill and to review your fees with a debit professional.   

But for now, you can check these five places to locate your bill in its entirety:

Check your General Ledger  Some issuer bills may go directly to a GL.  From there, the bill may be parsed out to different departments.  Check everywhere from marketing to operations to ensure you’ve got clarity on what you're paying.

Check with your Processor  Many signature debit network charges are billed directly to your processor.  From there, they are passed through to you.  Make sure you understand which items on your processor bill are pass-through charges from your card program versus your other operational charges.

Check your Credit Card Program Statements    If you have a debit and credit card program from the same provider, it’s possible your bills have been combined.  This can make it difficult to know what you’re paying for each program individually.  A debit expert can help you sort out these two fees, but you’ll need to pull them both to see the full picture.

Check your Online Bill Access  Your institution may have been automatically signed up for paperless statements.  Make sure you have login access online to view your invoice.  If you already have online access, check for any fees you may be charged associated with your online access.

Check with your Sponsor   If your program is sponsored into your legacy signature debit network by another entity, there may be pass-through charges on your bill from your sponsoring organization.  You’ll need to consider any of these charges as part of your total signature debit network costs.

Sitting down with a debit professional to navigate the complexities of your legacy program can be incredibly helpful.  If you’re ready to take a closer look at your signature debit network program, talk to a debit expert who can offer up a simpler approach to your program.