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It Takes a Village to Run a Debit Card Program — Why Dedicated Support Matters

No bank is an island.

But when your legacy card brand provides little by way of support, it sure can feel that way.

Access to dedicated support professionals can mean the difference between a thriving debit card portfolio that elevates a financial institution and a program that lags in penetration, activation, usage and profitability. Legacy network providers often aren't accessible to issuers at the level they need them or available for face-to-face meetings. And community and regional institutions — the ones that need support the most — are left to fend for themselves because they often don't receive prioritization from their providers.

Designed with the needs of community financial institutions in mind, Discover® Debit comes with a team of professionals who provide personalized support for your bank before, during, and after the sale and implementation of your card program.

Here are six reasons why a strong support network matters for your card brand.

1.  Support at every step

Just because a legacy card brand representative is eager to get your institution signed up with their program doesn't mean they will be there for you after the sale. You want a committed partner who is in it for the long haul.

The Discover Debit program brings to the table a support team including implementation specialists, account managers, and marketing professionals who can assist your institution at every stage, from program launch to ongoing support and training.

2.  In-person support vs. call-center responses

Often your most critical needs for support arise well after your cards are in market. But if your legacy card brand's idea of ongoing support is a toll-free number, that's probably not going to help you very much – nor is it the kind of support you envisioned when you signed up.

Reliable support means being able to pick up the phone to call an account representative you know personally, at any point during the life of the program, to help you solve problems in real time. It means having access to real people who will meet with you in person to assist you before, during, and after implementation – from your first meeting until the cards are in the hands of your customers and long after.

3.  Support for front-line employees

As the face of your bank, your front-line employees deserve ongoing training and support so they can provide the best possible experience for your cardholders.

Both new hires and current employees need this education and support on a continual basis to help your institution activate new accounts and reach more potential cardholders. The end result is happier, better-informed employees and greater profitability from your program.

4.  Community outreach

Without the word “community," a community bank is just a bank.

Maintaining an active presence in the community is important to your institution. Yet legacy providers don't always offer the resources your bank needs to support the people you’re serving.

When an institution launches a program, Discover Debit backs them with grassroots campaigns to help introduce their debit program to the community.

5.  Simplified billing

What legacy programs lack in onsite support, they make up for in billing complexity. You're left with the overwhelming and time-consuming task of trying to decrypt a 20- to 25-page bill – and with no one from your provider to offer the help you need.

Discover Debit keeps things short and sweet by providing a 2- to 3-page invoice and a simplified fee structure. And if you still have questions, a Discover expert is readily available to answer them for you.

6.  Help for your bank to unlock savings

A careful and thorough analysis of your legacy card program can expose a litany of hidden fees and costs. But taking on that process alone can be a daunting task, especially if you are a smaller institution that doesn't have the resources of a big bank.

Discover provides experts who can simplify the process of reviewing your existing legacy program and put you on a path toward savings. Not only will you have an opportunity to uncover improved profitability, but you’ll have a partner with you every step of the way to help your bank flourish.