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Network Operations Uninterrupted by Pandemic

PULSE® clients provide essential financial services for their respective communities. As such, they count on our network availability, value and best-in-class service regardless of the external forces that disrupt our daily lives. We have succeeded in maintaining service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • We are supporting our clients’ standard service requests as usual. 
  • Network availability has not been impacted, and we continue to process transactions without issue. We are closely monitoring suspected fraud and adjusting strategies as we see changes in e-commerce and other transaction patterns.
  • PULSE is being flexible and adaptable in response to the evolving nature of the pandemic, which includes rescheduling production changes across our entire network. For example, we have postponed implementation of our 20.1 Release from April until July.
  • Our executive team is meeting daily to monitor this unique situation and make decisions in response to the changing nature of the pandemic.