PULSE Client Feedback Guides 2018 Initiatives

To better serve PULSE participants, we go all-out to understand your perspective on the products and services we’re delivering. This is why the annual PULSE Voice of the Client Survey is a must for us. The survey captures your thoughts and suggestions, which enable us to consistently deliver a better experience, year after year.

Listening to PULSE clients is at the heart of our effort to provide products and services that are aligned with your ever-changing needs.

For our survey last year, we engaged an independent research firm to gather insights from a sample of 100 PULSE issuers and 30 processors. Below are some of the top takeaways:


Issuers Prioritize Service, Fraud-Mitigation Support

  • The client service and level of communication we provide continue to be highly rated and appreciated.
  • Our fraud-mitigation solution, DebitProtect®, is considered an important and valuable network service. Suggestions for improvement will be addressed with the new FICO Falcon platform release, planned for the second half of this year.
  • When asked for three words to describe PULSE, the top six responses aligned with our brand attributes were Partner, Reliable, Innovative, Value, Responsive and Service.


Issuer Action Plan

Communication – One area of focus for 2018 and beyond is improving client outreach by providing more-actionable industry insights and more-proactive communications. In addition, we launched our Payments & You information and resources site to help issuers keep pace with trends and happenings in the payments space.

Network Roadmap – Another outcome of this process has been the discovery that some issuers want more clarity on planned technology enhancements. As the industry evolves ever more rapidly, we want to help you better understand how the market will change while providing you with services and products that will benefit your cardholders.


Processor Ratings Are Our Best Ever

Processor participants gave PULSE the highest marks we've seen in this survey. We have made significant progress on being more proactive in our communications based on feedback from prior years, and the survey results indicate that those investments are delivering value.

  • Respondents rated our monthly newsletter, OnPoint with PULSE, a 9 out of 10. We heard you loud and clear when you asked for fewer communications and an easier way to learn about changes and releases.
  • The release process was rated 8.8 out of 10, a sizable improvement from 7.9 in 2016. Survey participants commented that the process was "fabulous compared to other networks" and "improved with accurate, early documentation."
  • Across the board, client service ratings were 8.3 and higher. The biggest areas of improvement over prior years were keeping participants updated and being proactive, which included more proactive reach-outs from your account representatives.


Processor Action Plan

Disputes Platform – Not only is PULSE doubling the size of the disputes help-desk support team, we expect participants will value the user-experience enhancements provided by a new disputes platform that will launch in the third quarter.

Planned Training – With the daily hustle and bustle, sometimes processors aren’t aware of training events, so we will add reminders to OnPoint with PULSE about upcoming training opportunities. Also, two webinars will be scheduled this year and we’ll be sure to include those in OnPoint with PULSE, as well as upcoming training opportunities.

Enhancements Roadmap – To provide greater insight into what’s in our technology pipeline, we will share our proposed enhancements roadmap, which includes online submission and pre-population of GEN paperwork.

Release Guides –  Details about the self-service certification platform and how to register will be more easily accessible in Release Guides.

These action items are a direct result of hearing from PULSE issuers and processors. We are committed to delivering excellent client service, and that commitment guides everything we do.

A big “thank you” goes out to those who took the time to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences. This is invaluable in helping us identify what we are doing well and prioritize areas for improvement. We will conduct another Voice of the Client Survey this year, and look forward to continuing to learn for you, our valued clients.

Listening to PULSE participants is at the heart of our effort to continuously deliver.

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