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Recent Debit Trends Published the Week of October 5

Back to School Shopping Gets Sent to the Back of the Class

As many schools across the country remain in virtual learning environments or conduct limited face-to-face instruction due to the pandemic, traditional back to school retailers are feeling the impact. Retailers that traditionally see lifts in August with the back to school shopping rush, underperformed when compared to previous years, leaving August year-over-year spend down.

E-commerce Volume Remains Flat, But is Prime for an October Boost

The push of several major online retailer’s annual shopping and savings days from August to October left e-commerce transaction volume trending flat in August. After seeing sharp increases in transaction volume in 2Q due to the heavy lockdowns across the country, it’s expected that the historical lift usually seen in August will most likely now be seen in October.

Grocery Feels the Impact as the Home Kitchen Takes a Night Off

The average ticket size for PIN transactions in the grocery category saw a small decrease from July to August as lockdown restrictions continued to be lifted across the country and restaurants began increasing their seating capacity.


Source: Internal PULSE reports