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2023 PULSE® Debit Issuer Study: Issuers Adapt to Digital Demand

Learn about the digital payments landscape, the latest digital payment technologies and debit card usage trends in the 2023 PULSE Debit Issuer Study.

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The 2023 PULSE Debit Issuer Study provides an overview of debit card usage trends. Now in its 18th year, the study is based on both quantitative and qualitative information gathered from debit issuers and sheds light on the debit payments landscape. Topics include debit program performance, digital payments and industry disruptors.

While debit transactions and dollar volume grew modestly in 2022, in alignment with prevailing economic conditions, the key takeaways from this year’s study lie in issuers’ strategic choices and priorities in pursuit of growth and adaptability. Forward-thinking issuers are seeking to redefine the customer experience, streamline self-service capabilities and leverage partnerships to stay at the forefront of debit developments.

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