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Are You Up on Fall-Trends?

Don’t Be So Yesterday – Get the PULSE Debit Dashboard

If you’re not using the PULSE Debit Dashboard®, you’re missing out on the full value of PULSE. And, you might not be up on the latest trends revealed by your debit data. The Dashboard is an easy, intuitive way to identify trends, analyze metrics and benchmark against peers.

The best part is no integration is needed. It's there and ready to try. It’s already part of your PULSE participation. You simply need to register a user from your institution. And, that’s easy too!  


Just click here, fill out the form and select PULSE Debit Dashboard.


Simple Design.

No in-depth training is necessary. The intuitive web interface is flexible and as comfortable to use as your favorite sweater. Graphs and charts provide data like transaction counts and dollar volumes in multiple formats.


Get Insights.

Trending information and month-over-month data comparisons help your institution forecast growth, identify opportunities and make more informed decisions to enhance your outlook.


Stand Out From the Crowd.

See where your transaction activity differs from that of your peers. This insight can suggest ways to capitalize on your differentiation or illuminate new opportunities.


Bring Your Data to Life.

View your data in interactive charts or graph formats, create professional reports you can export for further analysis. You can choose specific transaction types, by merchant or time period for tracking and comparison.


The tool displays activity for PULSE and Discover® Debit. So, don’t get left out in the cold this fall. Stay on trend. Go get the Dashboard.