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Best Practices for Disputes Handling

PULSE® continues to monitor transaction and dispute activity to support processor, merchant, and issuer participants. PULSE remains committed to maintaining service level agreements for disputes activities and is available to assist clients with questions.

Dispute actions and timeframes will continue as defined in the PULSE Disputes Rules (login required). The chargeback time frame is 120 days, and the representment time frame is 45 days.

Issuers, acquirers, and merchants are urged to be flexible and act in good faith to resolve disputes. In addition, processors are encouraged to share best practices with their partners to manage dispute activity. PULSE participants should consider the following best practices in handling disputes.

Financial Institutions and Issuers

  • Encourage cardholders to work directly with merchants in resolving issues before acting in the PULSE Disputes System.

  • Diligently review cardholder accounts for credits and refunds already applied.

  • Carefully review the disputes lifecycle, especially when dealing with late presentations and time frames set forth in the PULSE Operating Rules and Procedures and/or the PULSE Disputes Rules.

Merchants and Acquirers

  • Ensure appropriate balancing and compelling evidence documents are saved so they may be presented as early as possible in the disputes lifecycle.

Processors are encouraged to contact the Disputes Help Desk at 866-245-0500, or email for support.