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CNP Fraud is Evolving. Learn What Issuers Can Do.

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As the payments landscape changes, fraud vectors also evolve. Card-not-present (CNP) payments are a leading target for fraudsters, as noted in a recent PULSE Live webinar. 

Fraud Alert: A Deep Dive into Emerging Fraud Trends & Effective Management Strategies was presented by Christopher Uriarte, a Partner with Glenbrook Partners. Uriarte asked and answered key questions such as:

  • Why is CNP fraud still a headline issue?
  • How has CNP fraud changed?

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    Uriarte noted the explosion in first-party fraud as one way CNP fraud is changing. He also addressed a newer sub-type of first-party fraud known as “policy abuse.”

    Watch the webinar to learn more about policy abuse, as well as:

    • Which fraud schemes continue to be the most effective
    • How generative AI could change the fraud landscape
    • What factors make an account more likely to commit first-party fraud

    With CNP fraud losses projected to rise in 2024, knowing what to look out for and how to respond are critical to your debit program's performance.

    To learn more about how PULSE can help your organization fight fraud, contact your Account Executive or a PULSE debit expert.