Kentucky's CFSB Made the Switch to Discover Debit. Learn Why.

CFSB Testimonial from Jason Jones and Betsy Flynn

CFSB, based in Benton, KY., began issuing the CFSB Discover® debit card in 2017. Discover Debit is the first debit card brand created for community banks like CFSB to be more profitable. By providing dedicated and personalized service, Discover helps leaders like Betsy Flynn and Jason Jones deliver on their promise to their cardholders. Check out their responses in the interview below:

What's most important to CFSB? 

BF: Every day we create value for our clients and for our community, and we do that while providing extraordinary service. We provide extraordinary customer service to our clients because their success is our success. Our clients are greeted at the door. They don't walk into a stuffy bank building. We are accountable to our clients. CFSB is 127 years old and we have had a wonderful history serving our community. We love participating in every community event, and we don't have one or two people show up. We show up in numbers.

Tell us why you switched to Discover Debit Cards.

BF: We compared Discover to other vendors and we found that Discover is as interested in client services as we are. We did not find that with any other vendor we spoke with.

We had invited all of the major card networks to give an in-person presentation. Only Discover showed up. Before we launched the cards, we did a test run and contacted all of our merchants. If there was anyone that did not take Discover cards, Discover went out to them and got it setup.

We often say our vendors do not care half as much about our clients as CFSB does, but that has not been true with Discover. Discover's service has been absolutely awesome. They have proven that they care just as much about our clients as we do. And that is saying a lot.

What have you found since you've launched the CFSB Discover debit card?

JJ: We knew it was going to be a lot of work because we had been with our previous vendor for several years. But, Discover made sure that every need we and our clients had was taken care of. Discover is helping us reach out into the community, and that's what we're looking for someone who can help us do what we do best.

In October, when our clients were receiving the new debit cards, Discover helped us host a series of pop-up events, including at Murray State University's homecoming. The events featured Discover's mobile experience, which it customized for CFSB. Discover made this a tremendous experience, not only for CFSB but, more importantly, for our clients.

Click here to see the CFSB/Discover Debit pop-up event in action and learn more about how your institution can start building a relationship with a company that's here for you.  

Originally featured in the January edition of the Independent Banker


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