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Misti Mostiller of Extraco Banks: Capitalizing on Local Roots to Meet Digital Demand

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In a new series of interviews with PULSE® clients, we focus on the vital role community banks play in fostering local prosperity and financial empowerment. 

Through “A Conversation About Community Banking,” we aim to shine a spotlight on the profound impact community banking has on individuals and businesses alike, as we delve into the stories and experiences of our valued financial institutions clients. We will explore the unique characteristics and benefits of community banking and how it strengthens the foundation of local economies.

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Our first interview is with Misti Mostiller, Executive Vice President, Director of Consumer Banking and Enterprise Innovation at Extraco Banks. Based in Waco, Texas, Extraco was founded in 1902 and holds a unique place in Central Texas history. Our discussion with Misti includes the recent turmoil in the banking sector and how Extraco is capitalizing on its local roots while evolving to meet the digital demands of its customers.

A key aspect of Extraco’s approach to innovation is determining how they can drive differentiation in the marketplace that connects to all aspects of how the bank delivers customer experience.

To hear more of our wide-ranging discussion with Misti about brand differentiation, changing consumer behaviors and Extraco’s experience as a Discover® Debit issuer, watch the full interview.