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Debit Dashboard® Enhancements

The interactive PULSE® Debit Dashboard has undergone some exciting updates. We have made it easier than ever to create reports and access the critical data required to evaluate the performance of your debit program. The new “Reports” tab provides a single place on the Dashboard menu to download all reports and save selections for future use. Within the new Reports tab, users can now take the data that would have previously required separate downloads and combine it into one download in a single Excel spreadsheet, simplifying the report-creation process. 

Another new tab, “What’s New,” highlights all changes going back to the beginning of 2020 and enables users to quickly see new features available and explanations on how to utilize these enhancements. Finally, recognizing the growing importance of card-not-present transactions, a "CNP PINless" tab has been added, which features E-commerce, PINless Bill Pay and account-credit transaction data.

We encourage you to reach out to your PULSE Account Executive for a demo or log-in to the Dashboard to take advantage of the new features.